We have known for decades that human civilisation is driving other species to extinction and warming the planet. But, despite more and more of us trying to do something about it, it isn’t nearly enough…..not yet : climate change and habitat destruction have become an existential threat. There is still time for us to change, but it looks like we are getting pretty close to the last chance saloon.
This exhibition of environmentally inspired work and eco-art by artists concerned about climate change, pollution and habitat loss is timed to coincide with the COP26 international climate change conference in Glasgow. Will the delegates agree actions proportionate to the danger? Aren’t they at the last chance saloon?
Co-curated by longtime environmentalists Phil Barton and Richard Sharland, this exhibition combines work by artists familiar to Terre Verte along with several artists exhibiting in Cornwall for the first time. Artists include Charles Binns, Imogen Rigden, SRG Bennett, Laura Madeley, Peter Ward, Catherine Herbert, Tina Kutter, Katy Suggitt, Diane Wingate, Peter Jackson, Karen Howse, Simon Hodgkinson, Richard Paton, Phil Barton and Richard Sharland.