Exhibition Programme 2020




           FROM WEDNESDAY 12th AUGUST 2020

‘A Space For Dreaming’ is a  continuous exhibition by twenty Terre Verte artists.  The gallery is now open on an apppointments only basis so that youy and your ‘bubble’ can enjoy exclusive use of this relaxed and comofortable space to enjoy the work of contemporary artists.                                

                  Please make your booking – on the hour, for the hour – by email at terreverteinfo@gmail.com 




Previous Exhibitions at Terre Verte (2015)

OPEN EXHIBITION April 27 – May 18

A mixed exhibition including work by Dorothy Hanna, Leo Saunders, Steve Lunn, Imogen Rigden, LizDoyle, Lin Deacon, Tessa Sulston, Pete Ramskill, Sue Gordon, Pete Bousfield and Richard Sharland


An exhibition by artists who use words – including work by Jacqueline Jarvis, JK Lawson, Jill Tattersall, Rachel Marsh, Tessa Sulston, Richard Sharland, Lin Deacon and Barborough Kettleton. This exhibition contributes to the

FROM FOUND OBJECTS  July 21 – August 17

An exhibition by artists who use found objects as core materials in their work, includin work by Sue Gordon, Steve Lunn, Andy Cairns, Nancy Latham, Janice Myers, Richard Sharland and Jill Tattersall.

IN MY OWN WAY August 29 – September 14

Open studio for Richard Sharland’s own work including new watercolours , large acrylics from his ongoing ‘Eleven’ series as well as collages and watercolours painted since 2005.

TOUCH THE EARTH  November 6th – December 18th

An exhibition by Pete Bousfield and Sophy White, two artists who are dowsers , who live in the Tamar valley and who work closely with the earth. Both artists dowse the energy lines that course below the surface of the landscape: Pete uses sculpted MDF and perspex to create vibrant images of local places of spirit and history, Sophy paints animals of this and the spirit world in earth pigments she finds in the ground.


Artists who exhibit at Terre Verte

Details of artists exhibiting at Terre Verte in 2015.


Pete Bousfield

For over forty years, Pete has lived in a beautiful valley with a stream that runs down off Bodmin Moor, through a woodland garden and on towards the river below. He was trained at Bournemouth College of Art and St Paul’s College, Cheltenham; he taught at Launceston College and was Head of Art there until 2001.

The inspiration for most of his work is centred around the moors, valleys and skies of east Cornwall and the nearby presence of two strong lines of earth energy, the St Michael line and the Mary line. Using strong colours with wood, plastic and paper in his bas-reliefs, Pete’s work has been applauded and exhibited widely in Devon and Cornwall as well as at the Circle Gallery in London.

Jessie Carr

Taking up botanical illustration in 2005, Jessie received her SW Diploma in 2011 and exhibited in London with RHS in 2014 and 2015, receiving silver gilt medal for her work on seed heads. Living near Pensilva on the edge of Bodmin Moor, she has loved the exploration and observation of nature since childhood. Fascinated by the miniature, she uses her work to get right inside the structures and intricate details of plants.


Dorothy Hanna


Dorothy was born in Ireland and has a BA (hons) degree from Belfast College of Art. After many years in London she moved to Cornwall in 2003. She has exhibited widely in both group and solo shows and is also an elected member of the 21 Group and the Plymouth Society of Artists. She likes to work with abstract forms and also in a more representational way.

In her paintings she expresses the energy and atmosphere of land and sea rather than a direct representation of a place; in her monotype prints, she works with our preparatory sketches, letting form and colour evolve.


Liz Doyle


Liz Doyle paints in a converted stable on Cruit Island, in County Donegal. Surrounded by the wild Atlantic and frequently in the eye of the storm, she works in oil and cold wax medium, building texture and energy filled forms in an attempt to reflect her position, both physical and perhaps emotional, in her space. This year she has spent some time in Portugal, bringing a brighter, warmer element to her palette.

She has exhibited extensively in Ireland since 2006. She has a blog www.donegallizdoyle.com where you can see her work and her influences’

Sue Gordon


In her work as an artist/maker, Sue uses a wide range of materials and found objects, always experimenting, pushing the materials and their textures as far as they will go. Her use of colour is elemental, influenced by travelling Ghana, Morrocco and India, the buildings, the mud and sand. The found objects she uses are recycled, collected from the beach, along the road, from rubbish tips

Some of Sue’s larger pieces are sand paintings; sand and glue, painted with acrylics. Her cast ceramics are inspired by forms in nature, conservation is an important theme in some of her work. More recently, her work in photography has expanded into digital imaging, making collages and cards.



Jacqueline Jarvis

Having lived in north Cornwall for 35 years and graduated from Falmouth CA in 1996, Jacqueline has been a regular exhibitor in the south west and London. The underlying theme of all her recent work is the passage of time. Paintings and prints explore figures in motion or the continuously change landscape, revealing how clock and calendar time define our perception of events.

j k lawson

John Lawson was born in Birmingham in 1962. He emigrated to America in 1987 where he became well known as a visual artist with work in private and public collections. In the summer of 2005, living in New Orleans, he lost his home and studio to Hurricane Katrina, along with 25 years of artwork and writing. This is reflected in his 2007 novel, Hurricane Hotel, and in some of the poems in now, his first full poetry collection. John is currently living on the Rame Peninsular, Cornwall, with the wind and the rain.

Stephen Lunn

Stephen Lunn has painted and created odd things for fifty years. He studied at Carter Lane Art School in Nottinghamshire, took a degree in philosophy, psychology and anthropology, then worked in software design, educational research and teaching.

He works mostly with found objects and wood. These can come from anywhere: shorelines, riverbanks, woodlands, waste skips, hedgerows, streets, building sites. They are sometimes used as found, sometimes painted. Painting is normally in oils or in home-made paints using pigments ground from raw materials collected in similar places. In interacting with surfaces encountered in the cast-offs of modernity, he tries to emulate the artists who we believe found a medium for connecting consciousness with realities on the textures of cave walls.

Most of Stephen’s works are in his shed. The rest are in private collections in Britain, Europe and North America, or have been turned into bird-boxes, bookshelves or firewood. For more information contact s. a. lunn @ gmail . com

Karen Howse

Trained at Winchester School of Art in 1989 and Falmouth in 2010,  Karen has developed her drawing as a tool for exploring our relationship with places: poetic art interventions and joint projects on art and mindfulness with clinical psychologist Duncan Moss. Her work is about discovering, noticing and listening, often outside on a patch of land, on a path or route way. Sketches and small books evidence the experience, marking a small particle of time.



Pete Ramskill

Pete trained as an illustrator and graphic designer at Blackpool (Fylde) College of Art between 1975 and 1979 and has worked as a designer ever since. He now has an independent design studio in Nottingham. He has always painted and is currently working on screen prints; he also spent many years as a performance poet. In 2000, he started training to work in stone and has been producing mainly abstract pieces since then. The pieces are made to be touched and should always have a feeling of familiarity. There should be a sense of ‘I know that curve or shape from somewhere’ whether it be a place, a body, an animal – it could be anywhere……

He has shown work at Nottingham Playhouse and Wirksworth Arts Festival. Examples of work in limestone, marble and alabaster can be seen at peteramskill.wordpress.com . Examples of graphic design at peteramskilldesign.co.uk


Imogen Rigden

Imogen has been painting, exhibiting and selling her work since 1978. She has painted in the wilder places around England, Wales and Scotland, from Skye to Llansteffan and St. Agnes, Scilly. She often crosses the Channel to work in Europe and has a special love for the wild sea and pink granite rocks of the Plougasnou peninsular, Finistère. The stunning landscape of Speyside remains a preoccupation and she has been painting from an idiosyncratic studio space in Mains of Garten since 2006.

Sketches and notes made in the open air contribute to the final piece completed in the studio, using mainly acrylic and oil. Some paintings are completed in situ, often in windy and rainy locations, which can lead to some unplanned mark making by the elements themselves. She is a founder member of Art Delta, a loose, progressive collective of painters, sculptors, musicians and designers; Associate Member of the Oxford Printmakers Cooperative, and Associate Member of Ovada, (Oxford Visual Arts Development Agency) .

Imogen is currently following a post graduate course at the Warehouse Art School, Ovada, Oxford.



Leo Saunders


Originally from Plymouth, Leo moved his studio to Cornwall in 2002 and began developing a style of painting that reflects his personal experience of prayer and meditation.

His work represents concepts and emotions, depicted through different colours and forms. He sees the pieces as the unconscious made manifest and his lifestyle devoted to reflection, study and meditation lends the work an air of beauty and mystery. Varied and imaginative use of materials including silver reflects an influence of religious iconography and lends the paintings a changeable quixotic quality which is constantly mutating with the variation of the days light.

Very few of the works are titled, as Leo prefers to allow the viewer to encounter their own meaning and come to their own understanding with the work, in appreciation of their pure abstract nature. More information is available at www.leojsaunders.com and Leo welcomes visits to his studio by appointment.

The Castle Studio, 5 Church St Launceston. 01566 248085 or 07890 365596 or leo_saunders@hotmail.com

Tessa Sulston


Tessa was brought up in London and has a degree in Fine Art from Hornsey College of Art. She taught art in London, in Australia and for twenty five years in Oxford at Magdalen College School, one of the country’s leading schools. She moved to East Cornwall in 2006 to open Callington School of Art.

She has always enjoyed working in mixed media, combining paint and print. The Shipping Forecast pieces were first made in 2011 for an exhibition at Royal William Yard. They were inspired by the rhythm and beauty of the words, the general synopsis of sea area forecasts and coastal stations. Tessa uses the words not to be read in a conventional way but words to draw you into the picture, layers of textures fading in and out of the painted surface. The words disappear and reappear in colour tones within different sections of the painting, ideas that came to her after seeing ‘Third Party’ a video by Sam Taylor Wood where conversation fades in and out of earshot.

Jill Tattersall

Cathy Galvin

 Cathy Galvin has roots in Coventry and lives in London and Cornwall. A journalist, she founded the Sunday Times EFG short story award. She edited Red, the Waterstones anthology of new writing, is associate editor of the Warwick Review and founder and director of the UK’s leading promoter of short fiction, The Word Factory. Her poetry has appeared in anthologies and journals as diverse as The Morning Star and The London Magazine . Her poetry pamphlet, Black and Blue, is published by The Melos Press.

Nancy Latham

Andy Cairns

Sarah Healey

Rachel Marsh