Originally from Plymouth, Leo moved his studio to Cornwall in 2002 and began developing a style of painting that reflects his personal experience of prayer and meditation.

His work represents concepts and emotions, depicted through different colours and forms. He sees the pieces as the unconscious made manifest and his lifestyle devoted to reflection, study and meditation lends the work an air of beauty and mystery. Varied and imaginative use of materials including silver reflects an influence of religious iconography and lends the paintings a changeable quixotic quality which is constantly mutating with the variation of the days light.

Very few of the works are titled, as Leo prefers to allow the viewer to encounter their own meaning and come to their own understanding with the work, in appreciation of their pure abstract nature. More information is available at www.leojsaunders.com and Leo welcomes visits to his studio by appointment.

The Castle Studio, 5 Church St Launceston. 01566 248085 or 07890 365596 or leo_saunders@hotmail.com