Terre Verte Gallery

Established since 2014, Terre Verte in North Cornwall shows themed exhibitions of contemporary art at our gallery in Altarnun from May to December. Come and experience these shows of predominantly landscape and abstract work in our quiet rural gallery.

Open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
10.00 am to 5.00 pm
and by appointment only at other times


Future exhibitions & events:

Past exhibitions & events:


Saturday 18th November to Saturday 16th December

An exhibition by the Cornwall Watercolour Society

Limpid hues, vaporous washes and luminous colours abound in this Cornwall Watercolour Society exhibition which focuses exclusively on the traditional medium of watercolour. Work by fifteen of the Society’s members including Peg Jarvis, Mark Gibbons, Margo Kirkwood, David Penhale, Lisa Cooper, Nicky May, Angela Herbert-Hodges, Don Redwood, Vonnie Carter, Hilary Jean Gibson, John Sweeney, Martin Venning and David Rowe is on show.


30th September to 4th November

An exhibition showcasing the interconnected art work of the Akroyd family, featuring work by Barbi Akroyd, Nev Akroyd and Sam Akroyd.

From city to field, from new faces to decaying surfaces and from past to present, the work expresses a concern and love for places and communities, showing the passage of time through sculpture, clay print and paint. 

Change is charted through the portrayal of communities left behind by city developers, the way layers of paint peel and reveal their own histories, and through intimate impressions which freeze moments in the life of trees, bodies and buildings. 

The exhibition also recognises the creative involvement the Akroyds have enjoyed with groups of people centred in Launceston. In particular, the Barefoot Group which ran a range of activities from yarn bombing to murals; raising money for ShelterBox through Art Auctions and by running a series of Creative Community Workshops at the Eden Project.’ 

Ten Years in the West

7th September to 23rd September

Richard Sharland : selected paintings 2013-2023

In 2013, Richard Sharland abandoned full-time employment to concentrate on painting and fulfill a lifelong desire to create a gallery. He was drawn to the west: a trip up the west coast of North America, then establishing Terre Verte in Cornwall, then visits to Connemara and Mayo. This landscape based exhibition includes some new work and reprises some painterly explorations over the last decade.

The Last Chance Saloon
30th September to 4th December

We have known for decades that human civilisation is driving other species to extinction and warming the planet. But, despite more and more of us trying to do something about it, it isn’t nearly enough…..not yet : climate change and habitat destruction have become an existential threat. There is still time for us to change, but it looks like we are getting pretty close to the last chance saloon.
This exhibition of environmentally inspired work and eco-art by artists concerned about climate change, pollution and habitat loss is timed to coincide with the COP26 international climate change conference in Glasgow. Will the delegates agree actions proportionate to the danger? Aren’t they at the last chance saloon?
Co-curated by longtime environmentalists Phil Barton and Richard Sharland, this exhibition combines work by artists familiar to Terre Verte along with several artists exhibiting in Cornwall for the first time. Artists include Charles Binns, Imogen Rigden, SRG Bennett, Laura Madeley, Peter Ward, Catherine Herbert, Tina Kutter, Katy Suggitt, Diane Wingate, Peter Jackson, Karen Howse, Simon Hodgkinson, Richard Paton, Phil Barton and Richard Sharland.

An Artist’s Year , March 2020 – March 2021

22nd July to 24th September

In the 12 months between March 2020 and March 2021, we all experienced two long periods of lockdown. For some this was a period of inertia and inactivity, for others enforced isolation produced a flood of creativity. This exhibition seeks out artwork made during the pandemic which still seems relevant as life steers back towards a ‘new normal’.

Exhibition includes work by Dorothy Hanna, Lynda Powney, John Rabbetts, Lisa Cooper, Bethany Murray, Pete Grant, Sam Akroyd, Nev Akroyd, Margo Kirkwood and Richard Sharland.

A Spring Like No Other

22nd May – 10th July 2021

After more than six months with the blinds drawn, no real work to see and touch, this Terre Verte exhibition aims to provide a visual shot in the arm. The ‘Spring Like No Other’ jab is a cocktail of familiar territory – some work from the solitary 2020 exhibition is included – and some powerful new work that takes you back to the future. Mixed metaphors? …..yes, this show is a wake up call.

‘A Spring Like No Other’ – features some superb pre-lockdown work by Tina Kutter, David Penhale, Jill Goodman, Dorothy Hanna, Jane Swan, Peg Jarvis and others as well some vibrant and previously unseen paintings by Nev Akroyd and new work by Martin Harvey and Richard Sharland. Perfect for lifting the spirits or brightening up a rainy day. Paintings by Lawrence Frieseleben, William Lyons-Wilson, JK Lawson, Leo Saunders and Sarah Healey and pottery by Carmela Kantorowitz and Bernard McManigan complete the show.

There is also a selection of artist’s cards and artist’s prints and our bookshelves feature a growing selection of books and pamphlets by Cornish writers and publishers.

New opening times – please note that the gallery will now be open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10.00 till 5.00, but we are happy to open at other times by appointment…..just give us a ring on 01566 880405 and you can have the place to yourselves for an hour or two. We will be taking all standard Covid precautions.

Previous Exhibitions at Terre Verte 2014 – 2020

2014 – 2020


List of Artists who have exhibited at Terre Verte 2014-2020

(key exhibiting years)


A Space For Dreaming – Aug/November


Rediscovering Fowey Moor – April/June

Taranaki to Terre Verte – June/July

Seascapes – July/August

Far Out (50 years from Woodstock)  – August

Everything To Play For – November/Dec


The Boscastle Group – April/May

Richard Sharland – A Bigger Picture – June

Light, Land and Colour – July/August

On Terracotta – August

Resonance – September/Oct

Nature, Our Nature – October/Nov

Solstice United – November/Dec


Artists of Altarnun – April

Kate Walters – Iona Notebooks – May

From Eden Rock to Brexit – June/July

Meditation, Layers and Memory – July/August

Alchemy – September

Following Roger Farnworth – October/Nov

So Let Me Introduce To You – December


Closely Observed Nature – April/May

In A Changing Light – June/July

Into The West – July/August

Along These Shores – August/Sept

The Practice of the Wild – September/Oct

European Cut Out ? – October/Nov

The Place of Stones – November/Dec


Terre Verte Open Exhibition – April/May

Seeing Words, Marking Time – May/July

From Found Objects – July/August

Autumn Exhibition – October

Touch The Earth – November/Dec



Richard Sharland Paintings    – December




Nev Akroyd  (18, 20)

Vanessa Allen   (16)

Dorothy Andrews

Christina Barton (18)

Phil Barton   (16)

Vincent Bennett  (17,18)

Claire Bernard (18)

Josie Beszant (16)

Jenny Bielawski  (19)

Claire Boland

Steven Boothe

Pete Bousfield  (15,17,19)

Andy Cairns   (15)

Kristy Campbell  (19)

Jess Carr   (16,18)

Alby Carter

Sara Challis

Terry Channell   (18)

Faith Chevannes   (17, 19)

Jette Clover

Lisa Cooper (19)

Dale Copeland  (16, 19)

Pal Csaba (16)

Georgia Danvers (16)

Lin Deacon  (15)

Barnaby Dearsly

David Devanny  (19)

Liz Doyle  (16, 17, 18)

Felicity Dunn

Rosalind Eastman  (17)

Pat Van Der Eyken (18)

Roger Farnworth   (17)

Andrew Fentham  (19)

Ros Franklin

Lawrence Freiesleben  (18,19)

Paul Galliard   (19)

Cathy Galvin   (17,19)

Mark Gibbons   (16)

Jeanne Gimblett

Jill Goodman   (20 )

Sue Gordon (15,16)

Liz Gregory

Heidi Griffin

Eirian Griffiths (17)

Lesley le Grove

Derek Guthrie

Karen Hamer

Geoff Hands  (18)

Dorothy Hanna   (16, 17, 20)

Brian Hanscomb   (19)

Annabel Harris   (19)

Emily Harris

Waldo Hartley

Martin Harvey   (18)

Sarah Healey  (16, 18, 20)

Michelle Heard (18,19)

Susan Hillier (15)

Grace Hogan (18)

Jevon Holman (18)

Jenny Holt (17)

Angela Hooper

Meryl Hopper (160

Glenys Howland

Karen Howse (15, 16, 20)

Richard Hudson (19)

Jan Huijbers

Paul Hutchinson  (19)

Mark Hutton   (18, 19)

Felicity Hutton   (18)

Paul Jackson (18)

Helen Jagger  (16)

Jacqueline Jarvis  (15, 17, 20)

Catherine Harvey Jefferson (18)

Linda Mary Jones (18, 20)

Andrew Jones (17)

Cordula Kagemann  (16)

Katia  (16)

Pam Kempster

Lucy Kerr (17)


Barborough Kettleton  (16)

Joan Kinghorn (16)

Margo Kirkwood  (17, 18)

Tina Kutter  (18, 19, 20)

Nancy Latham (15,16)

JK Lawson  (16, 17, 20)

Suze de Lee

Philippe Lemaire (16)

Brian Littlejohns (18)

Karen Lorenz (18)

Rupert Loydell  (17)

Steve Lunn (16, 17, 18)

William Lyons-Wilson (17, 20)

Karen Macwinnie (16)

Rachel Marsh (16)

Rebecca McGill

Milarky  (19)

Steve Molloy

Stu Morris

Roger Morris

Mike Moss (15, 17 )

Marianne Muggeridge

Bethany Murray  (16)

Janice Myers (15)

Katherine Myles

Clark Nicol (19)

Marie Noel

Annie Ovenden (17)

Robin Paris  (17, 18)

Teresa Pemberton (18)

David Penhale (17, 20)

Fern Petrie

John  Piper (17)

Georgia-May Pollard (18)

Rebecca Polyblank  (18 )

Lynda Powney  (16, 19, 20)

Maddi Precious  (16)

Mili Purpil (19)

Pete Ramskill  ((17)

Dora Reed

Imogen Rigden (15, 17, 18)

Ley Roberts (16)

Richard Rochester  (16)

Christina Rodriguez (16)

Che Rogers

Tony Rumball

Leo J Saunders (16, 19, 20)

Margaret Scott

Kate Scott (18)

Richard Sharland (14, 16, 18, 20)

Jan Sharland (15)

Katie Shears

Laura Silburn (16)

Cynthia Simmonds

Stanley Simmonds (17)

Carrie Slinger (15)

Jason Smalley (16)

Tessa Sulston  (16)

Jane Swan  (20)

Sarah Talbot-Ponsonby (18)

Jill Tattersall (15, 16)

Polly Tatum (18)

Zoe Taylor (16)

Chris Thomas  (17)

Robert Tilling  (17)

Dick Treleaven (17)

Rhys Trimble (16)

Peter Ursem (19)

Lynne Wakeley

Barbara Wallace

Kate Walters  (17)

Vaughan Warren (17)

Lucy Watson

Hannah Whale

Sophie White  (15)

John Woods  (17)

Judy Wrigley

Jon Wyatt  (16)