Rosalind Eastman

Rosalind Eastman

I have been painting here in Trevalga for fifty years. The substance of my work has been particularly of this place. We are in a small community, close to the sea, close to a farm, in a wild undeveloped part of Cornwall.

I have moved from using oil paint to acrylic and now paint mostly in watercolour. In the past, I worked with careful scrutiny of my subject. In the last two years, the landscapes have been simplified to bands of sky, sea and land.These are built up in horizontal strips, interspersed with different sized bands of resonating colours. It has been an enjoyable development.

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  • Bowl of land, Lady’s Window

  • Boys fishing, rock pool, Benoath

  • Long coast towards Hartland Point

  • Looking through the window

  • Rock Pool 1

  • Rock Pool 2

  • Self portrait, pumpkin, bowl of apples

  • Tondo, Gareth about to leave home, me peeling apples

  • Trees in conversation

  • Trevalga Church, seen through roof light

  • Winter Bourns

  • Young self portrait