Nev Akroyd

Nev Akroyd

I trained at the Harris School of Art, Preston and at Manchester University then spent 20 years teaching art in London comprehensive schools, before moving to Cornwall, with my family, in 1989. I taught in Cornwall until 1997, when I left teaching and began painting full-time. Although my portfolio includes work over many years, the majority has been executed since 1997, and I did not exhibit until 1999.

Oil paint, acrylics and watercolour are my preferred painting media, and I frequently resolve ideas and images in one or more of them.

I do not restrict myself to any specific subject matter.

Much of my work focuses on the process of decay and re-birth, from peeling paint, revealing hidden history, to the delicate hues of blooming and senescent plant life. The constant change that nature imposes on all that we see and experience.

A quite different, ongoing, series of paintings celebrates my love of music, particularly Modern Jazz, Reggae and Blues and my admiration for its exponents.

Commissioned work has included individual and family portraits, themed work for retail outlets and other organizations and illustration for documents and promotional literature.

I have exhibited work in London, Plymouth, Tavistock and venues in Cornwall,
currently in The Camelford Gallery and the Terre Verte Gallery in Alturnun.
My work can also be seen locally in Launceston at Liberty Coffee and Josephine’s.

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