Kate Scott

Kate Scott

My work concerns the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious, I use colour, drawing and gesture to both express and explore illusions of light and depth, and to convey a sense of personal memory, mood and emotion. Listening to music can be a catalyst in the process. I find myself striving to crystallise and recall the intangible sense of a particular place in time, how it looked and felt to be there, both emotionally and physically, be it landscape or exterior space. I experience the physical act of painting like a conversation in which using mark making and layers of colour I express the silent voice that I cannot communicate in any other way: when the conversation finishes the painting becomes something separate and can appear to be a window to another world, which then reflects the experience of the viewer.

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  • Balmy

  • Bright Sky Gleaming

  • Bright Sky Streaming

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  • Electric Blue Field

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  • Glimpse of Sunset

  • I Wish I Had A River

  • In The Garden – You Will Find Me

  • In the Gloaming – Malmsebury

  • Monsoon Season

  • Not Afraid of the Dark

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  • Untitled with Tangerine

  • Upsurge – Turquoise

  • Upwards – Lilting

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