Dorothy Hanna

Dorothy Hanna

Monotypes, like paintings, are unique one-off pieces of art. I have an initial idea which then evolves and develops as I respond to each stage and layer of the work. It takes time. I need to sit quietly with it to plan my next move. There is sometimes a technical decision to be made, often it is one of intuition. It is this play between control and spontaneity that I find so exciting. With collagraphs, I build textures onto the printing plate creating an embossed element to the finished print. The inking and wiping of the plate for the print is all done by hand and is a long and rather meditative process.

I have had work selected for The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Royal West of England Academy and have been a prize winner in the National Original Print Exhibition. I am also an elected member of The 21 Group and The Plymouth Society of Artists

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  • Circle (blue)

  • Circle (orange)

  • Dark Cell

  • Dark Core

  • Evermore ( purple)

  • Evermore (green)

  • Impress II

  • Look Beyond II

  • Markers – Red

  • Novem

  • Ortus

  • Sound Waves V

  • Swarm

  • Unearthed