David Penhale

Born in Wales and raised in Cornwall, I have always existed between, and as part of, both cultures. Borderlands are a necessary territory for my art; those between land, sea and sky; representation and abstraction; the industrial and the spiritual; memory and belonging.
Living in Cornwall, the work is necessarily a response to the elemental nature of the place, seen both reflectively and intuitively, often where form and colour predominate.

So the work becomes a re-ordering to myself of the Celtic experience, a tuning-in to the powerful energies that exist just beneath the surface.
After all, ‘Art does not reproduce what is visible, instead it makes it visible’ (Paul Klee)

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  • Across The Harbour

  • Blue Town

  • Cornish Window : Blue Jug on Red Table

    • SOLD
  • Cornish Window: White Boat on Grey Table

  • Fowey – Syren

  • Full Moon in Kernow

  • Rough Town – St Ives