30th September to 4th November

An exhibition showcasing the interconnected art work of the Akroyd family, featuring work by Barbi Akroyd, Nev Akroyd and Sam Akroyd.

From city to field, from new faces to decaying surfaces and from past to present, the work expresses a concern and love for places and communities, showing the passage of time through sculpture, clay print and paint. 

Change is charted through the portrayal of communities left behind by city developers, the way layers of paint peel and reveal their own histories, and through intimate impressions which freeze moments in the life of trees, bodies and buildings. 

The exhibition also recognises the creative involvement the Akroyds have enjoyed with groups of people centred in Launceston. In particular, the Barefoot Group which ran a range of activities from yarn bombing to murals; raising money for ShelterBox through Art Auctions and by running a series of Creative Community Workshops at the Eden Project.’